Sabert Corp. has announced the launch of its EcoEdge Paper Cutlery. Recyclable and compostable, Sabert’s disposable cutlery line offers operators an alternative to plastic cutlery.

With its ergonomic design, natural look and smooth finish, EcoEdge Paper Cutlery helps create an elevated dining experience for dine-in, to-go and food-away-from-home occasions without impacting food flavor. In addition, Sabert’s paper cutlery achieves the same fitness for use as plastic cutlery, standing up against hot, warm and cold foods, such as soups, oatmeal, ice cream, protein dishes, leafy green salads and pies.

According to Stephny S. Halstead, vice president, marketing and new product development at Sabert Corporation, “We have a critical role in developing environmentally responsible solutions for operators that exceed customers’ performance expectations while helping them enhance their sustainability goals. Our EcoEdge Paper Cutlery is a tremendous success in the European market due to its durability, strength and functionality. The initial positive feedback from our customers has shown that our paper cutlery far surpasses the performance of wood, bamboo and other plant-based alternative cutlery solutions. We are thrilled to bring this innovation to North America, which aligns with our purpose of reinventing food packaging to nourish and protect our world.”

Derived from FSC-certified renewable resources, EcoEdge Paper Cutlery meets regulatory compliance standards for compostability, is PFAS-free and fully recyclable in paper waste streams. 

The EcoEdge Paper Cutlery introductory line includes an EcoEdge sharp fork and a serrated knife to help spear or cut food easily for a mess-free meal. Also featured in the collection is a sturdy spoon with an ample spoon bowl, allowing for full scoops of parfaits and other popular menu items. EcoEdge Paper Cutlery also features robust neck strength and PFAS-free grease resistance that performs against hot food (212° F), cold and liquid food types.