Volpi Foods announced the new Eco-Pack for the company's line of premium cured meats. The new paper material used in Volpi's Eco-Pack is curbside recyclable once separated from its thin liner. Additionally, the shelf life of the Eco-Pack packaging is equivalent to that of Volpi's previous plastic packaging, so there is no increase in food waste resulting from the switch to paper-based packaging. 

In 2021, Volpi transitioned its pre-sliced line to its first Eco-Pack, which reduced plastic use by 70%. The company states that since this launch, Volpi has diverted over 128 tons of plastic, reducing plastic by 80%.

Volpi Foods won the 2022 Mindful Award and only sources its products from local Midwest farmers to ensure animals are ‘raised responsibly’. This means securing third-party animal welfare auditing so that herds have agricultural biodiversity, comprehensive care from birth to humane harvest, are fed a primarily vegetarian diet, have the freedom to roam, socialize naturally and are raised without steroids, chemicals that promote unnatural growth or gestation crates. Volpi states its products are all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, start with fresh meat and are made without nitrates or nitrites.