Keeping up with evolving consumer needs and trends like wellness and snacking, General Mills announced a broad portfolio of new products hitting the shelf in 2016 from new yogurt varieties to taco boats and poppable oatmeal bites

“We’re in a period of very rapid change in the food industry. And consumers are very clear about what they want – simple ingredient lists, free from artificial colors and flavors, free from gluten, less sugar, less sodium, more convenience. This translates into very a clear set of growth opportunities for us,” says Ken Powell, General Mills chairman and CEO. “We’ve challenged ourselves to go out and really understand our consumers, get into their homes, shop alongside them and listen to what they want. These interactions allow us to build greater intuition, which helps us move much faster. Our new product line up demonstrates our ability to listen and respond.”

The company says it has been using a “lemonade stand” concept to test products, interacting with people in their communities to gather feedback on what consumers are looking for. In many cases the General Mills says this process has increased speed to market from about 24 months to less than 12 months.

All of General Mills’ new products can be found here. Some highlights include:

Yoplait Greek 2% Whips! – Yogurt made with 2 percent milkfat for a thicker, richer and extra creamy texture.

Totino’s Pizza Sticks – Microwavable on-the-go snack bigger than a pizza roll.

LÄRABAR Bites - Truffle-like bites made from simple ingredients to satisfy sweet cravings.

Yoplait Go Big – Yoplait in a grip-and-rip package for tweens and teens.

Nature Valley Backpacker - Poppable oatmeal bites.

Tiny Toast – The first new General Mills cereal brand in 15 years.