Meati Foods announced its partnership with Dot Foods to distribute the Eat Meat line of products to Dot Foods’ network of 5,200 distributors across 50 states. This partnership is a step toward Meati’s goal of a national omnichannel footprint by the end of 2023. 

All four of the Eat Meati products are available in foodservice-level quantities in addition to retail-level. The Meati Classic Cutlet and Crispy Cutlet are available in cases of 42 cutlets each. Meanwhile, the Carne Asada and Classic Steak products are available in cases of 36 cutlets or filets, respectively. All eight SKUs (four for foodservice, and four retail) are available for purchase now via, Electronic Data Interchange and fax.

“Consumers want animal-free protein options that deliver great taste and superior nutrition.  Meati’s partnership with Dot Foods combined with Dot’s innovative redistribution model makes it easier for distributors around the country to provide restaurants, cafeterias, caterers, foodservice operators—and ultimately diners—an easy way to try a new animal-free food,” says Scott Tassani, president and COO of Meati Foods. 

Eat Meati products are available in Sprouts, Fresh Thyme and Meijer Grocery stores as well as restaurants like PLNT Burger, Birdcall and Causwells. Meati is also continuing to expand its partnership with retailers and foodservice. Each whole-cut Meati product is made primarily from mushroom root (Meati mycelium), offering complete protein, fiber, B vitamins and other nutrients.