In The Raw has introduced Organic Hot Agave In The Raw this July 31. Brooklyn-born and Jalisco grown, the 100% raw blue agave nectar in Organic Hot Agave is harvested by jimadors (agave farmers) with generational skills passed down in Jalisco, Mexico. Hot Agave has the sweetness of agave nectar with the heat of jalapeño peppers and chili.

This dissolvable agave is designed for beverages or drizzling on foods. This is a lower glycemic, organic, plant-based, vegan and lower-calorie syrup. It’s available for purchase in 10-ounce bottles. Steven Eisenstadt, CEO of Cumberland Packaging Corp., In The Raw’s parent company, acknowledged that the plant-based organic sweet and spicy market was open and knew the versatility of the new product would lend well to In The Raw’s portfolio.

In The Raw brand’s portfolio of all-natural Agave options include their classic Organic Agave In The Raw which has a caramel flavor, Organic Light Agave In The Raw for has a subtle butterscotch flavor and now Organic Hot Agave In The Raw for a sweet heat flavor.