GNC has introduced Iced Team Lemonade as part of its AMP, Total Lean and Beyond Raw brands. This limited-time offer is available in Beyond Raw LIT and Beyond Raw LIT AF pre-workouts.

According to the company, the line, which is exclusively sold at GNC, is designed to help increase endurance, fight fatigue and improve performance.

According to Kevin Maloberti, vice president, merchandising, GNC, "This drop is one of many coming to GNC this summer."

Beyond Raw Iced Tea Lemonade is offered in a powder formulation. Other flavors include Fruit Punch, Gummy Worm, Icy Fireworks, Strawberry Lemonade and Orange Mango. The Iced Tea Lemonade line is GNC’s first expansion of the Beyond Raw LIT AF line in several years, according to the company.