Norwalt has engineered a bottle vision inspection system—Vue Inspection System—which integrates standardized vision components with custom-made elements and learning tools. Norwalt’s new machine can monitor gaging defects at 10 thousandths of an inch on a translucent surface. It accomplishes this by using shape transformation on the sloped areas of bottles.  

The Vue Inspection System was conceived, designed, and engineered in Norwalt’s Vision Systems Lab. Outfitted to accommodate up to eight programmers simultaneously, the facility incorporates visual inspection and learning tools, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) vision and 3D profiling. Norwalt also integrates optical character recognition (OCR) and verification via optical character verification (OCV).  

With the Vision Systems Lab, Norwalt also designs machines that utilize closed-loop data for machine adjustments and production improvements. The lab also provides gage repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R), Type One studies when needed and full evaluation of a project’s field-oriented control (FOC).