SPLENDOR Water has announced its U.S. launch of its new look, in partnership with Argagh Glass Packaging- North America (AGP-North America). The new glass bottles will reportedly allow consumers to experience the natural purity of SPLENDOR in an elevated design. The indigo glass design will further increase the level of preservation, protecting not only the taste but also the integrity of the brand.

Previously only available in plastic bottles. SPLENDOR Water is now available in AGP-North America’s 350– and 750–ml glass bottles. APG-North America created SPLENDOR Water’s new design. The company aimed to highlight the brand’s sustainability focus in a vibrantly colored, elegant, designed indigo glass.

The artful bottles for SPLENDOR Water are manufactured in the U.S. from infinitely recyclable glass. The brand chose the shade of the natural aquifer in the rainforests of La Maná, Ecuador, where the water originates as snowfall atop one of the world’s largest, highest active volcanos—Cotopaxi.

The company says that adding the glass bottle speaks to SPLENDOR’s commitment and social responsibility to protecting the environment. The water is Smart Planet certified and is a member of the 1% for the Planet organization. It contributed at least 1% of its gross annual sales to organizations that better the environment and support the people and biodiversity in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. SPLENDOR states it has been named an ‘Official Conservation Ambassador of the Galapagos Islands,’ working alongside like-minded organizations to support programs and initiatives to empower and better the community.

In partnership with Fundación Jocotoco, SPLENDOR supports biodiversity and conservation of flora and fauna on the Galapagos Island by implementing strategies to protect the Galapagos Petrel, a critically endangered species. With CASA Interamericana, SPLENDOR states that it's building a sustainable future by supporting critical initiatives in the Intag Valley, in northwest Ecuador, that help combat food and water insecurity, illegal mining by large corporations and deforestation.

The glass bottles are available online through SPLENDOR Water’s website and their local retail partner, Summerfield Farms, asandn various locations through SPLENDOR’s new distribution partner, Lipari Fine Foods. SPLENDOR will be available for purchase in 6, 12 and 24-packs. SPLENDOR Water’s new glass bottle packs will range in price from $36 to $70.50 depending on the size and quantity purchased, with shipping included.