Southern Recipe Small Batch has announced its newest product launch—Hot Honey Pork Rinds. The new flavor can be found at Food Lion stores with a suggested retail price of $3.99 for each 4-oz. bag. The company states that it’s set to differentiate from other flavored snacks.

According to Southern Recipe Small Batch, Hot Honey remains an on-trend flavor in the culinary world, with a mix of sweet and savory for millennial snack food consumers. It also states that the flavor has grown 53% in consumer interest in the past year.

Mark Singleton, vice president of sales and marketing at Rudolf Foods says that the pork rinds meet consumers’ changing needs for low-carb snacks filled with protein, but are lower in sodium and sugar. Singleton states, "This is a category that has a rich history and a bright future. We're not just introducing another snack to retailer shelves. We're elevating the perception of the humble pork rind, once again— and bringing new consumers into the category while we do this."

Southern Recipe Small Batch’s new pork rind product line addition diversifies its current offering. According to the company, the Hot Honey variety is marketed at consumers requesting culinary flavor.