Rotzinger Group has launched its advanced Robot with an integrated buffer and hygienic conveyor for dry cleaning. The company’s technologies will be at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, at booth SU-7113, from September 11-13. The company states that leveraging decades of expertise in pick and place delta robots, buffering and conveying, the new integrated solution from Rotzinger combines flexibility, compactness and ease of operation to boost uptime and reduce the total cost of ownership. Designed for confectionery and bakery products, optimizing the hygienic conveyor for dry cleaning ensures compliance with stringent food safety regulations in U.S. manufacturing.

According to a recent PMMI report, 60% of consumer-packaged goods (CPG) respondents highlighted a lack of available labor as a significant factor driving interest in automated solutions. Surprisingly, nearly 70% of American CPG companies still rely on manual or semi-automated production processes. To help overcome these workforce challenges, Rotzinger has reportedly developed the robot with an integrated buffer, capable of efficiently picking and placing unpacked and packed products into various packaging formats, such as cartons, cases, thermoforms, flow-wrappers and cartooning machines.

With a modular design and flexibility, the company’s integrated solutions combine delta robots, buffers and conveyors in one cell with a reduced footprint, enabling greater efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness. A single controller and unified setup philosophy enables hassle-free maintenance and straightforward operation, reportedly eliminating the need for complex programming or extensive training. A sole operator can operate the robot with an integrated buffer by offering simple changeovers by recipe selection, automatically adjusting the necessary parameters with just a few clicks.

Equipped with vision-guided high-speed robots, the company says, this machine accurately identifies incoming products on the conveyor belt and precisely places them in the feeding process. It utilizes optimal counterflow or co-flow techniques, providing versatile solutions for diverse production requirements. Manufacturers can optimize their production lines and achieve early production start-ups by consolidating these capabilities within a single solution. The integrated buffering capabilities increase line efficiency and eliminate the need for additional linking conveyors, resulting in cost savings and optimized layout, states Rotzinger.

According to PMMI, one practical barrier to automation is that many CPGs are in older buildings with small and awkward layouts. In fact, nearly half of CPGs in the U.S. say limited floor space is hindering automation initiatives.

To address this issue, Rotzinger states that it has developed the Robot with an Integrated Buffer, which features a compact design and a narrow footprint. This solution, the company says, helps U.S. producers maximize space efficiency, enabling them to make additional investments in their plants and achieve higher profitability. Moreover, the Robot's modular design with an Integrated Buffer allows customization, which Rotzinger says makes it suitable for even the most challenging factory layouts. Its solution offers adaptability and performance, whether implemented in existing facilities or new plant investments.

Rotzinger has also developed a Hygienic Conveyor for dry cleaning specifically designed to address food safety concerns and adhere to the highest hygienic standards. This conveyor incorporates an intelligent cleaning design featuring a foldable belt and beveled or round horizontal surfaces that prevent accumulating dirt particles and crumbs. Additionally, it offers accessibility for efficient cleaning and maintenance.