Hiperbaric has introduced a new canister for High Pressure Thermal Processing (HPTP).

Invented by CSIRO and further developed by Hiperbaric, HPTP combines the microbial lethality of heat with the speed of high pressure into one system.

At the core of HPTP is a canister patented by CSIRO that adds mild heat to existing Hiperbaric high pressure processing (HPP) machines. The canister withstands extreme pressure (87,000psi/6,000 bar) and temperature conditions (>90 °C), while keeping food products isolated from the surrounding water medium used.

The process is compatible with existing Hiperbaric HPP machines—preheat the canister and food, hermetically seal, then use ultra-high pressure to achieve sterilization temperatures.

This process is suitable for making some products microbiologically safe using less heat compared to conventional food preservation technologies. Unlike conventional thermal pasteurization methods, HPTP enables sterilization at lower temperatures, maintaining the natural flavor, nutrients and visual appeal of products.

This canister will enable a variety of products to benefit from HPTP in a shelf-stable format.

By controlling pressure and temperature, HPTP delivers advantages including inactivating pathogens and spores to enable shelf-stable low acid products, preserving nutrition and flavor, reducing processing contaminants that can occur at high heat and achieving commercial sterilization up to ten times faster than conventional canning based on research.