TiNDLE Foods announced the launch of its plant-based sausage, TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage, which is now available to order for restaurant operators and distributors in the U.S.

TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage features the traditional flavor profile of a classic American breakfast sausage by combining sage, black pepper and other savory spices to create a juicy morning patty, according to the company. It is made from plant-based ingredients including soy protein, coconut oil, potato starch and oat fiber, and each serving contains 8g protein and 4g fiber. Because it is also made from plants, TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage has no cholesterol, animal hormones or antibiotics.

TiNDLE Foods is joining with JUST Egg to bring together the TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage and JUST Egg's folded eggs.

This marks the first collaboration between TiNDLE Foods and JUST Egg.