Samyang Foods unveiled Tangle, an overseas air-dried pasta brand available abroad. The brand announced the launch of its first product, Tangle Bulgogi Alfredo Tangluccine, an instant pasta with flavors inspired by traditional Korean flavors.

The air-dried noodles, manufactured at the company’s new factory in Miryang, Korea, result from a boiling period, followed by a low-temperature drying to achieve bouncy textures similar to hand-pulled noodles. The name "Tangluccine" combines "tangle," meaning bouncy in Korean, with "fettuccine," referring to the flat, wide noodles. Tangle has been awarded the 2023 Good Design Award in the Brand Design category.

The company states that Tangle’s Bulgogi Alfredo Tangluccine is an accessible approach for American consumers to try Korean flavors since Bulgogi is added to the familiar Alfredo sauce. The sauce for this Korean pasta adds a savory and sweet touch to create a distinct flavor. With a one-pot cooking method, the air-dried noodles and all the package contents cook in one pot without draining the water.

The new Tangle Bulgogi Alfredo Tangluccine is available in the U.S. and Canada, with plans to extend availability to Europe, Oceania, the Middle East and Asia. Samyang Foods has established a brand site. Product information and Tangle recipes are accessible via a QR code on the product package.