Rockwell Automation, Inc. invites attendees to Discover What’s Possible at Automation Fair 2023 in November and will be showcasing its latest offerings in services, systems and solutions at this year’s event. Automation Fair will be located at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Nov. 6 – 9, and is expected to attract over 10,000 participants worldwide.

"Rockwell Automation is taking a bold step into the future at Automation Fair 2023 by introducing a diverse range of services, systems, and solutions,” said Lisa McGregor, director of portfolio marketing at Rockwell Automation. Below is a list with descriptions of the company’s offerings and services.

Rockwell’s Services, Systems & Solutions:

  • OT Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
     Understand risk posture and identify cybersecurity gaps with an OT Cybersecurity Risk Assessment. This assessment identifies, evaluates and prioritizes risks and vulnerabilities in OT systems.
  • Penetration Testing
     Improve visibility into OT environment vulnerabilities with OT Penetration Testing. Cybersecurity specialists launch a simulated cyber attack to assess current risk profile, understand potential impact, prioritize risk and recommend remediation measures to address identified vulnerabilities.  
  • Threat Detection Services
     Monitor and detect threats across OT/ICS environments to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. To meet the needs for physical and virtualized environments, our partnerships with Cisco, Claroty and Dragos provide threat detection solutions powered by their technology platforms.
  • Endpoint Protection Services
    Mitigate risk from endpoint devices connected to the network with comprehensive endpoint protection powered by Rockwell Automation and CrowdStrike. The scalable CrowdStrike Falcon platform, combined with Rockwell Automation’s flexible deployment capabilities and support services, helps enterprises monitor, protect, investigate and respond to incidents.
  • Microservices Support Services
     Accelerate time to value and user adoption of FactoryTalk InnovationSuite software with Rockwell’s new Microservices Support. Included with new software purchases, Microservices guides remote support technicians on how to install, start and optimize InnovationSuite.
  • Learning+ Enhanced Training Subscription 
     Upskill workforce talent with an upgrade to Learning+ Enhanced, an additional 50+ craft skills courses across eight different knowledge areas. These self-paced e-learning courses are designed for technicians but can benefit operators with equipment maintenance responsibilities in areas such as electrical, mechanical and instrumentation/control.
  • Inventory+ Service Agreement
     Minimize downtime risk with access to spare parts without the upfront cost of ownership. With our Inventory+ service agreement, Rockwell Automation owns and manages the spare parts inventory at the customer site, eliminating large capital investments while providing priority inventory replenishment.  
  • Repair+ Service Agreement
     Prolong the life of industrial automation products and eliminate one-off repairs with Rockwell’s Repair+ service agreement. This new agreement is meant to streamline the repair process for Allen‑Bradley products and other automation brands with one contract to help plan and budget maintenance, repair and operational (MRO) costs.
  • PlantPAx 5.3
     The PlantPAx system elevates your process control experience and addresses evolving market demands. The latest release, PlantPAx 5.3, supports your digital transformation and Lifecycle Management strategy, enabling increased productivity, profitability and minimized operational risk.

Industry Solutions:

  • Asset Intelligence
     Asset Intelligence is a solution that supports Rockwell customers in improving the reliability and availability of physical assets while minimizing downtime, risk and operating costs. This is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that offers an advantage for FactoryTalk DataMosaix, contextualizes data by using pre-built industry-specific asset models and surfaces insights in dashboards with notification management.
  • Batch Performance Analytics
    This is a new software application designed to provide operational insights into batch system execution. It accelerates time to value by providing process insights and enables improved productivity through data-driven decision-making. 
  • Digital Tech Transfer
     Digital Tech Transfer solution digitizes the process and orchestrates data transactions by converting Paper on Glass materials into S88-compliant datasets used by planning and execution systems across the network.
  • Plug and Produce
     Plug and Produce allows a production system to identify a new or modified component automatically and to integrate it correctly into the running production process without manual effort. 
  • RapidLaunch
     With this release, Rockwell delivers a globally supported system to accelerate vehicle program launches and improve manufacturing flexibility. Built for virtual design and commissioning, 


  • 432ES GuardLink EtherNet/IP Adapter
     Connect up to 96 safety devices via three independent safety channels and cascade power to additional interfaces to improve process efficiencies.
  • ArmorKinetix Distributed Servo Drives
     Combine the high-performance platform with a compact, On-Machine form factor to help create more productive smart machines to be built faster and require fewer parts.
  • ArmorBlock 5000 I/O
     Meet challenging application needs with minimal operation disruption and cost with scalability to help reduce total installation time, cost and unplanned downtime.
  • OTTO Motors
     According to Rockwell, OTTO Motors are built to deliver safer, more productive, more fulfilling workplaces and transform advanced material handling.
  • CompactLogix Analog HART I/O
     Reduce wiring, installation time and enclosure costs and support HART communication through input and output I/O (4-channel density).
  • Embedded Edge Compute
     Enable data processing and analysis at the edge of a network, empowering IoT devices and other edge devices to perform real-time data analytics and decision-making tasks.
  • FLEX 5000 I/O
     Mix and match standards and safety I/O on one platform, providing an integrated safety and control solution that meets demanding fail-safe requirements and more.
  • FLEXHA 5000 I/O Modules
     Flexibility allowing you to choose the I/O that best meets your operational needs, easy to install and maintain, saving time and money on your plant's I/O infrastructure.
  • GuardLogix 5580 XT Controllers
     Controllers with corrosive gas protection help reduce the threat of early equipment failure in corrosive gas environments and reduce downtime related to premature equipment failure.
  • GuardLogix L85ES Controller
     New controllers scale to meet your machine safety needs with expanded memory for larger applications.
  • iTRAK 5750 Intelligent Track Systems
     Increased force capabilities in applications with higher payload requirements, to simplify your machines while making them smarter than ever before.
  • Stratix 5200 Fully Managed Switch
     Managed industrial Ethernet switch, a flexible and adaptable solution that can be used for various industrial applications to simplify configuration and monitoring.


  • Fiix Asset Risk Predictor
     Predict and prevent asset failure before it happens with an AI-powered tool that uses Machine Learning to understand how equipment behaves under normal conditions and using built-in AI algorithms, alerts users when risks are detected.
  • FactoryTalk Analytics GuardianAI Software
    Monitors critical assets on the plant floor by establishing a baseline signature of an asset's behavior under normal operating conditions and will alert the user of any deviation from the baseline.
  • FactoryTalk Analytics LogixAI Software Version 2.0
     Empower OT professionals with an out-of-the-box, no-code machine learning option at the edge for Soft Sensors or virtual sensors that predict hard-to-measure production values to help customers reduce waste and improve product consistency.
  • FactoryTalk DataMosaix Industrial DataOps Platform
     This offers users configuration efficiencies through an algorithm that provides model consistency and an improved user experience during data pre-processing.
  • FactoryTalk Design Studio Software
    Provides integrated, modern tools to allow multiple people to work together simultaneously, manage conflicting edits and track project history.
  • FactoryTalk Optix Portfolio
     Combines a modern cloud-based software platform with flexible hardware options to create an end-to-end HMI solution.
  • FactoryTalk MES Software
     These MES solutions are developed for manufacturing operations and provide role-based optimization for each lifecycle stage and drive time to results for users. PharmaSuite and CPGSuite versions are workflows and functions designed for their industries.
  • FactoryTalk Twin Studio Software
     Move from software to software, accelerating the movement of the project through the design process with built-in change tracking and versioning.
  • FactoryTalk Vault Software
     Provides a cloud-based central storage location with modern version and access control and insights into designs through analysis of controller projects.
  • FactoryTalk View Software Version 14
     Get a story from the standalone machine level HMI to distributed visualization solutions covering your entire enterprise.
  • Plex Flexible Production Strategies
    Support production strategies to meet customer production requirements.
  • Studio 5000 Logix Designer® Software Version 36
     Build modernized value by introducing support to your control systems and expand the ability to configure, program and maintain your devices.