SIG has joined MISTA, a San Francisco-based food innovation platform intended to unite food, ingredient and food tech companies. At the annual MISTA in Action, MISTA brings together leaders from the global food and beverage industry to discuss ways of jointly transforming the global food system into a more regenerative one.

MISTA's purpose is to help accelerate the transformation of the food system to meet the needs of the future. 

SIG’s ambition is to co-create innovation for the food and beverage industry—not only in terms of packaging, but also product. By joining MISTA, SIG says it will be part of a global cross-dimensional innovation platform, which creates an environment for members to innovate together by providing access to a vast array of experts from across the food system, development labs and commercial kitchens, to facilitate new food advances.

Norman Gierow, director global customer marketing and positioning at SIG, says, “As we strive for better to provide End-2-End solutions for our customers, we also acknowledge the global challenges faced across the entire food and beverage industry. These challenges can only be tackled in collaboration with strong, like-minded industry partners. Being part of MISTA enables us to work together with other businesses and partners, who are looking for ways to catalyze unique innovations and regenerative solutions—to ultimately transform the food and beverage space sustainably.”

 MISTA provides a holistic approach to the global food system by focusing on six forces (nodes): digital, sustainable packaging, plant-based, nutrition, regenerative business, and biotech. SIG says it values the way MISTA provides its members with an understanding of each node as well as the interconnectedness with each other and the broader food system. SIG’s future collaboration with members can be interlinked on multiple impact areas on its journey to become net positive, e.g. climate, forest, resource and food. But first and foremost, SIG will focus on offering its sustainable packaging expertise, as well as regenerative business and nutrition advice.

MISTA’s goal to provide food and nutrition in a sustainable way to the entire world is a crucial one, with global population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050 according to the United Nations. Ensuring healthy diets for all, while at the same time limiting global warming, requires sweeping changes to food production and how the world eats and lives.