Mondi has collaborated with Skånemejerier to create mono-material, polypropylene (PP) based packaging for, among others, ICA’s Hushållsost cheese.

The new packaging comprises a mono-material base web and lidding film, all of which is produced and printed by Mondi before being converted for 1kg and 2kg blocks of cheese by Skånemejerier. It will be sold in leading Swedish supermarket ICA and now comes in packaging that is designed for recycling. 

Mondi’s mono-material solution provides barriers against oxygen and water vapors, keeping the product fresh on the supermarket shelf. It offers puncture resistance protecting the cheese and printability so that the brand and recycling messages can be communicated well on-pack. 

This packaging is being launched in the same time period as Site Zero, the world's largest sorting facility for used plastic packaging, will open its doors in Sweden. This facility, slated to go live this month, will process used plastic waste from Sweden and Finland. Thanks to the packaging’s mono-material design, the facility will be able to sort this solution for recycling, contributing to a circular economy, the company says.