Xylem has announced the launch of the Flojet N-Fuser—a gas infusion system engineered to deliver inline and on demand infusion in beverage dispensing systems. Engineered with flexibility in mind, the Flojet N-Fuser can be used for both CO2 and nitrogen infusion, allowing operators to reach various levels of carbonation or nitro-foam with multiple beverages, including dairy. Due to its “on demand” capability, the system delivers performance to support both frequent and intermittent pours. 

With the rise in popularity of nitro-infused beverages, particularly within the global coffee market, operators of dispensing systems are seeking flexibility and a consistent flavor profile. Retailers require solutions that support inline nitrogen infusion and traditional carbonation within a small footprint. The Flojet N-Fuser is a compact system that can be configured based on consumer demand. The system is easy to install, with no onsite adjustment required. The Flojet N-Fuser does not require a special valve to set up the infusion level, and the system is easy to operate, clean and maintain.

Retailers can also add additional components to the N-Fuser system to meet their requirements, including pumps, vacuum switches, and pressure switches. In addition to meeting customer requirements, the Flojet N-Fuser system also meets food grade and NSF certification standards.