Ancho Reyes, the chile poblano liqueur, introduced Ancho Reyes Barrica. Barrica represents the first barrel-aged chile liqueur and the first new offering from the Ancho Reyes portfolio since the release of Ancho Reyes Verde in 2017, the company says.

Ancho Reyes Barrica is a refined expression of Ancho Reyes Original liqueur, now with the introduction of ex-bourbon barrel aging for added richness, depth and complexity.

The journey of Ancho Reyes Barrica begins with poblano chiles, grown in the volcanic soil of Puebla, Mexico. These chiles are harvested and sun-dried for 15-20 days to become Ancho chiles, then are selected and handcut before being macerated in neutral cane spirit from Veracruz, Mexico. The resulting mixture is then aged for two years in ex-bourbon American White Oak casks, imparting a depth of flavor and complexity to the spirit. Once mature, Barrica's 100% natural spirit is bottled in a crafted tinted glass, inspired by the rich color of the Ancho chile, and adorned with a debossed label finished with copper, as a nod to the famed artisans of Puebla.

The company says that Ancho Reyes Barrica builds upon the robust flavors of the Ancho Reyes Original, which was inspired by an original 1920's menjurje recipe. The result is a blend of heat, sweetness, smoke and spice, offering rich flavors reminiscent of dulce de leche, spiced vanilla, cinnamon and orange zest layers atop the warm chili heat.