Harpak-ULMA announced the North American launch of ULMA's FR 400 TWIN Flow Wrapper for high-volume automated packaging operations with its throughput and compact footprint.

The space-saving design of the high-output horizontal wrapper makes it suitable for facilities with limited floor space or those seeking to expand packaging throughput in existing production environments. The FR 400 TWIN delivers two functional FR 400 horizontal flow-wrap machines within the footprint of a legacy line, doubling throughput within the existing physical constraints of a flow-wrap installation. It delivers up to 700 PPM, or 70 meters per minute of film speed per lane, depending on product size/characteristics, for up to 1400 ppm.  

While utilizing a shared frame and HMI for centralized control, the machines are designed for independent operation—enabling the lines to continue running separately—regardless of the operational status of the other. The user-friendly interface of the FR 400 TWIN is designed to simplify setup, operation and maintenance so operators can quickly switch between different product configurations. The FR 400 TWIN is engineered to withstand the rigors of continuous production and ensure a long service life and minimal downtime.

"The FR 400 TWIN demonstrates ULMA's dedication to innovation and a commitment to advancing efficient, effective, highly performant packaging solutions," says Josh Becker, bakery segment manager at Harpak-ULMA.

"For high-capacity snack, bar, cookie, bakery or confectionary operations seeking to efficiently scale production throughput sans physical plant expansions, the innovative, compact, high-performance FR 400 TWIN horizontal wrapper should be very attractive," Becker adds.

Becker says that efficiency is a keynote of the FR 400 TWIN—enabling producers to scale without a one-to-one operator relationship. "Mirroring the FR 400 TWIN delivers four machines but requires only one operator. The labor savings is obvious—as well as the realization of redundant line capabilities."