SPX Flow’s new SmartDry System, released by the company’s Anhydro brand, uses the latest technology to provide spray drying systems with accurate and precise control in productions that can be highly variable and fluctuate due to environmental conditions. This “Plug-and-Produce” system utilizes automation to help companies save costs and optimize production.

The variety of applications that use spray dyers, including the dairy, food, beverage and chemical sectors, require strict hygiene and compliance regulations—meaning consistency is paramount. The SmartDry system adjusts spray dry settings automatically to maintain production requirements. 

The SmartDry system is designed to have better consistency and control over product quality as it reduces variability due to environmental impacts by automatically adjusting based on conditions at that time. Customers can maximize their plant capacity through better data and increased runtimes between cleaning-in-place due to reduced fouling, thus providing superior powder quality.

The offers reduced energy consumption and better predictive maintenance strategies by providing additional insight and data into operations and can enable companies to plan ahead. Additionally, the overall consumption is optimized by only using the energy needed based on the current conditions.

Companies can implement the SmartDry solution, from setup to production mode in days, the company says. All customer data stays confidential and is not shared externally. 

Michael Christensen, global technical sales director dry evaporation & market manager Ingredient, says, “SmartDry gives companies the flexibility to adjust recipes with the confidence their information will remain secure. We’re excited to share this cutting-edge technology with our customers, knowing it will make their operations more effective and efficient while saving time and money.”