Gericke USA has introduced the BBU Big Bag Unloader, which features a new, dust-free docking station. Included as standard equipment on the bulk bag unloader, the new docking station features a design with integrated inner ring, outlet spout and cover that establish a sealed connection between the bag and the discharge. Material transfer from bulk bags into a hopper, reactor, pneumatic conveyor or another location moves freely for complete emptying without clogging while dust is contained within the docking station.

Suitable for unloading powders, granules, flakes, pellets and other bulk materials from bulk bags and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), the Gericke docking station is offered in a range of sizes to match the bag and material properties to the discharge spout. Adjustments to the cover and spout may be made to accommodate materials.

The bulk bag unloader with docking station may be customized with an automated hoist, dedusting filter, load cell for weighing and empty bag disposal system, among other optional accessories. Testing is offered in the company's New Jersey test center and tests may be viewed live in person or online via live stream.