butter announced the launch of its THC-infused Chocolate Hazelnut spread. 

The THC-infused hazelnut spread is the latest in a line of spreadable edible creations. butter released a THC-infused ghee (clarified butter) in December of 2023. 

Each container of the new spread is infused with 200mg of live rosin (5g/10mg of THC serving size) and comes in a recycled glass jar. The dosage gives a long-lasting, feel-good high that's similar to edibles, the company says. The spread is crafted by infusing cannabis extracts into a chocolate hazelnut butter blend.

The spread retails for $25. At launch, it will be available exclusively at butter's Ann Arbor, Mich., location and Berkley, Mich., flagship dispensary. Later this month, the product will hit shelves at select retail partners.