Tilray Brands has partnered with Biondo Group to create a visual identity for Happy Flower, the company’s ready-to-drink CBD mocktail brand.

Available in Peach Bellini, Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito varieties, Happy Flower is rolling out now to meet accelerating demand for healthier alternatives to alcohol.

“Happy Flower called for a unique, bold brand look,” said Charles Biondo, founder and CEO of Biondo Group. “It needed to break out in retail and real life. We wanted the consumer to be proud to hold the product in their hands — to almost make a statement about who they are at a party or fun activity.”

Biondo Group aimed to create a look that expresses Happy Flower’s upbeat personality while still communicating the brand’s better-for-you attributes and clear differentiation from related segments — RTD cocktails with alcohol and those containing THC.

The team designed a logo with natural texture to support the brand’s pure, botanical qualities. An abstract interpretation of a hemp leaf is used as a prominent device that unifies the system into an effective “block.” Cheerful, uplifting colors with a soft, calming glow were selected to convey Happy Flower’s promise to provide a healthy way to relax and unwind without impacting tomorrow.

Additionally, this design for Happy Flower has won recognition from Graphic Design USA’s 2023 American Package Design Awards, and is a 2023 NYX Awards Marcom International Gold Award winner.

This article was originally posted on www.cannabisproductsinsider.com