Innohas USA Inc. (operating under the brand Sunlit Foods) announced the grand opening of its second manufacturing facility, saying the facility is setting "a new global benchmark as the largest plant-based food production site operating exclusively with plant-derived ingredients." Located in Jecheon, South Korea, Innohas says the new facility underscores its commitment to innovating and producing Korean-style plant-based foods that cater to the growing global appetite for Korean cuisine.

The newly launched Innohas Green Food Factory in Jecheon has an extensive lineup of production facilities, including the nation's largest frozen kimbap production line, dedicated plant-based BBQ and deep-frying lines, and an exclusive oven line for plant-based products, the company says. The setup facilitates the production of both finished goods and ingredients for further culinary use.

Preparing authentic Korean dishes at home can be daunting due to the intricate balance of flavors and the wide range of ingredients used. In Korea, the expertise of master Korean chefs is highly esteemed, often considered the pinnacle of culinary achievement. Innohas says it leverages this expertise by working closely with Korean cuisine specialists to develop products that enable consumers to easily enjoy the essence of Korean flavors at home.

Innohas Green Food Factory exteriorImage courtesy of Innohas USA
The company's foray into the plant-based food sector is particularly noteworthy in Korea, a country with a strong meat-eating culture. Despite the challenge, Innohas continues to forge ahead in Korea, offering a range of products that enable consumers to easily adopt plant-based options without sacrificing taste or traditional flavors.

Under the Sunlit Foods brand, the company offers a product line that includes Plant-based Bulgogi, Vegetable Kimbap, Plant-based Bulgogi Japchae, and Plant-based Bibimbap, among others. This collection, totaling 11 types of ready-to-eat meals, can be prepared in 3 to 6 minutes. These products cater to the demand for convenience while aligning with the global shift toward sustainable and ethical food choices, the company says.

Both of Innohas's manufacturing facilities are certified with HACCP and FSSC22000, reflecting the company's commitment to the highest standards of quality control. The first factory has already demonstrated the quality and reliability of Innohas's products by providing OEM services to various entities in the U.S.