NETZSCH Pumps USA is highlighting the availability of a range of complex fluid handling solutions for poultry applications, including progressing cavity, rotary lobe, multi- screw and peristaltic pumps. 

Suitable for conveying meat trimmings, moving waste and discarded meat, and for use inside x-ray inspection piping systems, NETZSCH pumps are also ideal for sauces and chemical metering, blood pumping, transferring new or used cooking oils and conveying dead on arrival (DOA) birds, water/waste sludge and organs. 

NETZSCH pumps are manufactured to comply with FDA sanitary standards, are 3-A Sanitary Standards-certified and meet European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) standards. In addition to materials of construction, NETZSCH pumps are designed for cleanability. Using standardized radii, they eliminate nooks and crannies and feature higher weld quality standards to minimize or eliminate areas where pathogens can develop and to make cleaning quicker and more efficient. The pumps are all equipped with robust and easy to use clean in place (CIP) features.

The NEMO range of sanitary progressing cavity pumps can handle low to highly viscous product with and without solids and is recommended for gently conveying ground meat, meat trimmings and offal and organs solids long distances. NEMO pumps can also be used for piping x-ray detectors that identify and reject solids, like bones fragments or even metals from the meat processing lines.  

The TORNADO range of all-metal sanitary rotary lobe pumps work at low speeds and are gentle to any product, including blood conveying applications. The pumps are available in flow rates ranging from 6 gallons per minute (GPM) to 626 GPM (1 cubic meter per hour (m³/h) to 142 m³/h). 

For conveying cooking oil and seasoning fluids or sauces, NETZSCH offers the NOTOS Sanitary multi-screw pumps, which feature mechanical seals that work on suction pressure and offer a much longer expected life and lower noise than gear pumps. It has full service-in-place (FSIP) capability, easy disassembly for inspection and the ability to serve as pump for both the process and CIP pump in the line. 

Also offered is the PERIPRO heavy duty roller hose pump, a food grade peristaltic pump with sanitary fittings, stainless steel base and front cover, and a quick and simple CIP process. PERIPRO can transfer poultry products used in poultry processing as a thickening, rehydrating or color- and flavor-enhancing agent. PERIPRO pumps are available in hose sizes ranging from 12 millimeters (0.47 inches) to 55 mm (2.16 inches) and capacities of 0.129 cubic meters per hour (m3/h) (0.57 gallons per minute (GPM) to 11.100 m3/h (48.87 GPM).