Wanglaoji has unveiled its international English brand identity WALOVI and opened its second herbal tea museum in New York City on Fifth Avenue.

Founded in 1828, Wanglaoji is a leading brand in the Chinese herbal tea market. The company has bolstered its core herbal tea operations, developing a line of health-focused plant beverages. Through its product portfolio, the company aims to cater to the varied demands of a global customer base. 

In the process of accelerating its international branding strategy, Wanglaoji has released WALOVI, its international English brand identity, which has made appearances in Milan and Thailand this year. 

Wanglaoji plans to establish 56 herbal tea museums worldwide to share the story of Chinese herbal tea with the world. The first overseas herbal tea museum was inaugurated in 2018 on Grand Street in New York City. This year, the herbal tea museum signing ceremonies were held successively in Milan and Bangkok.

Over the years, Wanglaoji's sales network has covered more than 150 countries and regions, achieving results in markets in North America, Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia. The North American market is a key overseas market for Wanglaoji, with annual sales increasing significantly since it started exporting in 2013. Wanglaoji has entered mainstream channels and chain supermarkets, such as Costco and H Mart, and its e-commerce operations have expanded into platforms like Amazon, Yamibuy and Wee.

"China's Wanglaoji is also the world's WALOVI,” says Weng Shaoquan, chariman of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Great Health Industry Co., Ltd. “We believe that Wanglaoji will establish even closer connections and interactions with American and global consumers, invigorating the international market with vitality, and making more international consumers fall in love with natural plant beverages from China."

Moving forward, Wanglaoji will continue to roll out its English brand identity and construct herbal tea museums globally.