7UP has announced the launch of a new brand identity and logo. The focus of the redesign is elevating its international position with “moments of ‘UPliftment.’” 7UP states that it is on a mission to offer light relief from daily life by bringing moments of UPliftment, positivity and surprise. The company’s new branding will inform all of its international programs moving forward.

“New Get Up, Same 7UP,” is the company’s new brand expression that extends further into different facets of its rebranding campaign. It has been seven years since 7UP’s last major brand overhaul and the brand states that its new visual identity represents a design meant to capture the brand’s essence. The new logo design is keeping its signature green coloring and adding citrus tones to visually showcase the product’s taste. The launch of the new branding will be accompanied by a comedy-centered marketing campaign. Starting March 2023, the new logo will be seen on 7UP and 7UP Zero Sugar bottles and cans.

The brand states that it decided on comedy as the central theme of its campaign because of the “universal language” of comedy that can positively impact a person’s life. In addition to the brand redesign, the company will be introducing its first consumer engagement platform in the spring of 2023, across all of its international activations, with intention to bring unique experiences to its consumers. Finally, 7UP states that it will be reducing added sugars across its portfolio in an effort to inspire consumers to choose a balanced diet.