Weidmuller USA has introduced Klippon Connect W2C and W2T Range signal wiring and signal marshalling terminal blocks, offering flexible solutions for complex production processes.

Signal marshalling ensures the reliable connections of complex field signals to I/O systems in modern industrial plants. The single and double-level arrangement of Weidmuller’s DCS marshalling terminal blocks, combined with the provision of the four basic functions (fuse, feed-through, disconnect and ground), enable users to achieve maximum flexibility when connecting their devices wired in the field.

“Our marshalling terminal blocks solve a variety of automation challenges, including the ability to make a last-minute change without having to change the wiring that has already been set up,” says Carlus Hicks, director, Cabinet Products Division for Weidmuller USA. “We also offer customers an alternative to connecting the shield to PE for potential-free shielding concepts.”

Hicks notes the Klippon Connect marshalling products feature standardized test points that make automated testing and checking processes possible.

“In this way, maintenance and testing tasks can be carried out much more quickly and safely,” he says. “From planning through installation and operation, the unique features of our new marshalling blocks add value throughout the complete process.”

Planning features of the marshalling blocks:

  • Data provision via the Weidmuller Configurator
  • Easy and space-saving sensor and actuator wiring on single- or double-level terminal blocks
  • International approvals

Installation features of the marshalling blocks:

  • Up to three cross-connection channels
  • Integrated PE contact available
  • Optional shield busbar attachable
  • Marking options via endless marking strip or marker tags

Operation features of the marshalling blocks:

  • Signal loop testing with hollow screw heads for standard test probes
  • Last-minute function changes due to interchangeable disconnect blades and fuse holders
  • Reliable clamping yoke screw technology with self-locking mechanism
  • Blown fuse indication with low leakage current (<500 µA)