Bobo’s has launched a new Oat Bite flavor: Strawberry Lemonade. 

Each Strawberry Lemonade Oat Bite features Bobo's whole-grain rolled oats. Made with strawberry puree, lemon oil and sea salt, these bites offer a guilt-free indulgence.

“The Strawberry Lemonade Oat Bites capture the essence of summer in every bite,” says Bobo’s founder Beryl Stafford. “With tangy lemon and sweet strawberry flavors that fit in your pocket or lunch box – convenient, delightful and oh-so-satisfying.” 

The 30-count pack of Strawberry Lemonade Oat Bites are now available on and Amazon.

“Our latest launch captures the spirit of Bobo's in every bite,” says CEO TJ McIntyre. “Bobo's is committed to delivering exceptional products that resonate with our customers while staying in tune with key industry trends. The Strawberry Lemonade Oat Bites offer a refreshing twist on snacking, perfectly balancing flavor and nutrition to meet the demands of today's consumers.”