Regal Rexnord Corporation announced the launched the next generation Perceptiv Intelligent Reliability and Maintenance Solution for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance in industrial manufacturing.

The Perceptiv ecosystem is designed to offer customers a unified platform to meet the growing reliability needs industrial manufacturers face. Customers’ individual outcomes are supported with full end-to-end solutions including reliability consultation; solution design; full systems (hardware, software and platform); installation; monitoring; and reporting. Perceptiv intelligence uses in-field sensors and gateways to monitor machine health. The collected data can be sent to a customer’s on-premises system through leading industrial protocols or to the Perceptiv Web Platform for online viewing. Through the web platform, Regal Rexnord reliability engineers can analyze the data to provide customers with recommendations on how to extend equipment life and reduce unplanned downtime. 

The next generation Perceptiv Intelligent Reliability and Maintenance Solution is designed to build on and evolve multiple legacy Regal Rexnord condition monitoring systems to provide a single, unified architecture platform built with the latest world-class technologies from partners such as Microsoft Azure. As part of the update, Perceptiv Solutions will launch a new Universal Gateway and corresponding wireless vibration and temperature sensor. The Universal Gateway will provide wired and wireless connection to many current and future sensor types. An array of compatible sensors allows for cost-optimized implementations to meet customers’ equipment needs, and multiple modes of operation provide data insights into customers’ preferred systems to provide visibility where they need it.