BranchOut Food Inc., a food technology company specializing in dehydrated fruit and vegetable-based products, has signed a purchase agreement for a 10kW Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) machine, built by EnWave Corporation.

The machine will be installed at BranchOut Food’s new facility in Peru and will be used for R&D, rapid product development and production scaleup in response to new product requests from major retailers and large brands.

“BranchOut Food receives frequent requests to develop and iterate new product concepts for major retailers and brands,” says BranchOut Food CEO Eric Healy. “Part of our strategy for growth involves being able to respond expeditiously, utilizing our technology to develop new and unique products that have never been available before. We believe this gives us a strong advantage in the market and allows us to fully take advantage of this new technology. The nation’s largest retailer recently commissioned BranchOut to develop and deliver two new products. This has really helped cement our relationship with the retailer, which now views us as a product development partner with the ability to offer true innovation. We are currently working with a large number of major retailers and brands in various stages of developing items for them that could lead to long term production engagements.”

BranchOut Food is currently filling orders valued at over $9 million from some of the country’s largest retailers. The company expects to receive additional branded and white label orders throughout 2024.

In May, BranchOut Food announced that it had secured a long-term lease on its facility in Peru. The large-scale factory is capable of $40 million in production capacity and is expected to deliver growth of 40-50% in the company’s gross margins as production increases.