Finish Thompson Inc. (FTI) highlights its AC5 centrifugal pump, an ideal design for liquid processing applications in the food and beverage industry.

The AC5 centrifugal pump features a close coupled design, with standard, recessed or high head impellers available. Multiple seal offerings provide flexibility, and the pump is compatible with NPT, BSP, flanged or tri-clamp connections. Built from 316 stainless steel, it is constructed with FKM, EPDM, PTFE, or FDA-compliant Buna o-rings and mounts to both NEMA and IEC motor frames. A back pullout design and secure V-clamp housing connection makes maintenance easy and minimizes downtime.

The AC5 centrifugal pump is available in FDA-compliant construction, making it suitable for use in food and beverage processing facilities where sanitary standards are paramount. It is also suitable for chemical processing, printed circuit boards, pharmaceutical and wastewater treatment applications.