Chinese meat processor Henan Shangpin Food Co., Ltd. is installing a high pressure processing (HPP) system from Quintus Technologies.

The company is following a growth strategy that focuses on building cooperative upstream and downstream relationships and integrating global supply chain resources and expertise into its own production protocols.  

Shangpin’s processing facility in Zhumadian City, Henan Province, produces an assortment of low-temperature meat products to suit a variety of global tastes. The products are marketed under the processor’s own brand, SunLife, and private label for a customer base that includes Yonghui Superstores, Walmart and the Japanese chain Ito-Yokado. All output conforms to the internal food safety control standards of Japan and Europe.

In response to consumer demand for fresh, preservative-free products, Shangpin is upgrading with the addition of high pressure processing to its production line. HPP uses pressure instead of chemicals and heat to inactivate foodborne pathogens in refrigerated foods and beverages, allowing the resulting products to retain their original nutritional benefits and taste.

“We chose to work with Quintus for several reasons,” says Shangpin Quality Assurance Director Yalei Su. “Due to its unique high pressure cold pasteurization method, HPP allows the  pasteurized products to retain their fresh taste and nutrients to the maximum extent making it stand out among the current methods.”

The HPP system on order is the Quintus model QIF 400L-4000, which offers a vessel diameter of 18.5 in. (47 cm) for lower per unit cost. The QIF 400L press family incorporates features such as frequency-controlled motor drives for energy conservation; “SmartPress” cloud-based press management software; fewer moving parts for reduced downtime; and easy access to all components requiring regular maintenance or inspection. The Quintus HPP system will be installed in the Zhumadian City plant later this year.  

Shangpin also elected to participate in a five-year Quintus Care Program. Quintus Care ensures press operation and equipment maintenance by providing application support, availability of spare and wear 

Parts and prioritized technical support. It also includes annual press inspections, training and recertification of Shangpin personnel to maintain and elevate their skills.   

“As the global leader in high pressure technology, Quintus has long been active in the Chinese market, and we have a well-established service operation across the APAC region to support our customers,” says Jan Söderström, CEO and president of Quintus Technologies. “We are very pleased to work with the bright, dedicated personnel at Shangpin Food and contribute to their success.”