Yoplait rolls out meal-in-a-bottle yogurt smoothie

Fortified with protein, fiber and 20 vitamins and minerals, Yoplait Nouriche is General Mills’ entry into the fortified foods segment.
The mainstreaming of fortified foods is underway, with General Mills the latest major food company to offer consumers an enriched product.

The Minneapolis conglomerate began shipping Yoplait Nouriche, a nonfat yogurt smoothie with 20 percent of daily value protein and 25 percent of 20 vitamins and minerals, in late May. Whey protein concentrate is included in a 105-word ingredient legend. General Mills is positioning Nouriche as an 11 oz., 290-calorie meal replacement, with 22 percent of daily value of fiber, 30 percent for calcium and zero fat.

General Mills, which bills Nouriche as "perfect for an on-the-go meal," has not set a date for national distribution. Spokeswoman Pam Becker says the initial rollout has focused on California, Denver and parts of Texas, Utah and New Mexico.

Nouriche is packaged in a high density polyethylene 11 oz. bottle with one of four shrink-film wraps for the various flavors: strawberry, peach, raspberry and tropical. Refrigerated shelf life is 50 days. It retails for about $2.

"As with any yogurt product, the primary consumers are women, but Nouriche really appeals to anyone who is concerned with their nutritional intake," says Becker. The most common consumer question about the alternative breakfast product is whether or not it can be frozen (freezing doesn’t impact product safety but can alter its consistency).

Nouriche is General Mills’ second new-product launch in the Yoplait line this year, following February’s introduction of Whips, a meringue-like version of yogurt.