Ampac Flexibles, a unit of Ampac Packaging, LLC, has launched PureFlex, a new clear stand-up pouch structure for water and other taste- and odor-sensitive beverages. Traditionally water has been one of the most challenging beverages to package because of its odorless and tasteless qualities. Ampac’s PureFlex is a seven- to nine-layer proprietary coextrusion featuring an organoleptic sealant layer, nylon and an optional ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer layer for additional oxygen barrier.  The nylon is said to help provide structural strength while acting as a barrier against odor ingress.  The PureFlex stand-up pouch is available in a range of shapes and sizes (175- to 1,000+ml). Ampac also offers spouted fitment options to provide appropriate dispensing. Suitable applications for the PureFlex stand-up pouch include specialty waters, nutraceuticals and sports endurance drinks. The optional EVOH layer widens the applications to include juices, wines and other beverages requiring added oxygen barrier to achieve shelf-life requirements.  

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