Glenroy Inc.’s newest packaging innovation is perfect for condiments, dressings, spreads, jams, sauces and even honey.

The flexible packaging supplier is launching the first premade VersaPouch solution — an inverted stand-up pouch utilizing a patented closure developed by AptarGroup.

The first premade version of VersaPouch was made possible by Glenroy's proprietary premade-pouch converting technology. Providing a cost-effective alternative to existing form-fill-seal inverted pouches, the premade inverted pouch doesn't require the capital outlay of a new machine.

The premade pouches can also reduce packaging and product scrap waste as well as downtime over form-fill-seal alternatives. The ready-to-dispense, gravity fed package eliminates the need for utensils when dispensing product, and the pouch allows for more than 99 percent product evacuation. The space-efficient pouch is also designed for stability on shelves and for easy storage within refrigerator doors.

AptarGroup's patented VersaPouch closure features an easy-to-open flip-cap, a built-in tamper-evident pull ring, and an anti-spill SimpliSqueeze valve. The customizable SimpliSqueeze valve provides clean product cutoff as well as controlled drip-free dispensing.

For more information: Glenroy Inc.,  (800) 824-1482,