Europeans of a certain age can date themselves by waxing nostalgic about the quadrahedron pyramid that ushered in Tetra Pak as a major player in aseptically packaged milk.

The four-sided pyramid was the original aseptic carton shape from Tetra Pak, though modern printing technology lends a contemporary look for Lola’s frozen popsicles. Source: Tetra Pak Canada Inc.

Half a century later, the shape lives on, with sharper graphics and more diverse products than before. A recent example is Lola’s ice wedges, frozen popsicles packed in 65-ml (2.2-oz.) Tetra Classic Aseptic cartons for Nutritel Food Technologies, Caledon East, ON. The company packs 40 units per box and distributes them through Costco and other stores, according to company president Surendra Patel. Nutritional beverages in 200-ml (6.76-oz.) Tetra Classic cartons also are being developed.

Distributed and sold at ambient temperature, Lola’s are placed in customer’s freezers for later consumption, although Patel hopes to move them into stores’ freezers. Since acquiring the brand a year ago, he has boosted juice content to 35 percent from 15, added vitamin C, obtained Kosher certification, “and increased the freezing ability so it does not crystallize,” he says. “It’s more like a popsicle.” He also is formulating a milk-juice blend with protein appeal.

A food scientist and entrepreneur, Patel installed a filling system outputting 6,500 Classic units an hour in a copacker’s facility and improved package graphics that “create a lot of pizzazz in the market,” he says. Export versions are being developed, including a 65-ml quadrahedron filled with a diarrhea remedy for adults in Mexico.

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