Bold lithography and a super hero tie-in resulted in a quick sellout of Delacre cookies at Carrefour supermarkets throughout France this summer, prompting plans for another limited edition container in Belgium in October when the Spiderman 3 DVD is released in Europe.

High-quality printing and a reusable tin helped Spiderman move lots of cookies in France this summer. Source: Crown Holdings.

“We wanted to offer our target audience-families with children-a fun, delicious and reusable keepsake to remind them of their favorite superhero,” says Annabelle Millet, a spokesman for United Biscuit.  “We’re thrilled with the success.”

United Biscuit worked with Crown Holdings to create the cross-promotional tins showing Spiderman in various action poses. The tins, timed for the movie’s release in France and Belgium, contained a six pack of premium Delichoc Belgium chocolate cookies. Mini BN Choco and Mini BN strawberry cookies will be in the October tins.

“Quality printing of the vivid color graphics was an essential element to the success of the design,” notes Liz Goodwin, marketing manager with Philadelphia-based Crown.

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