Doug Kindred, Chief Technology Officer, EAU Technologies Inc., Atlanta.

EO water makes its industrial debut

EAU’s Chris Anderson makes a pH adjustment on the HMI controlling an electrolyzed water generator. The system was being shipped to Kenya for use in the floral industry. Source: EAU Technologies Inc.

FE: How did you get involved with electrolyzed oxidative (EO) water?

FE: EO has been tested for raw oyster decontamination, in dairy CIP systems and for poultry processing. Is EAU involved in all those applications?

FE: What was the state of the technology when you got involved?

FE: How costly is the technology?

FE: How much technical expertise is needed to utilize the technology?

FE: What water temperature parameters are required?

FE: The first commercial application at a poultry plant was announced in the spring. How is EO water being used there?

FE: How do you ensure the system delivers an effective dosage?