Now available in an aerosol can, Haynes’ 500 Plus food-grade grease resists heat and operates in high-speed bearings, reducing friction and wear on food processing equipment. The synthetic lubricant has load-carrying properties and resists water washout, steam, chemical attack and other contaminants. Compatible with most elastomers, the grease can be used in low- and high-temperature applications. It features a dropping point of 500°F (ASTM D2265), an average wear scar diameter of 0.50mm (ASTM D4172), water percentage spray off of 96 (ASTM D4049) and water washout at 175°F of 2.5% (ASTM D1264). NSF-rated H1, Kosher-certified and made from FDA-approved ingredients, it is odorless, has a smooth texture and is clear to white in color.

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