The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is offering an online Food Processing Challenge to help food industry professionals test their strengths and weaknesses in an anonymous, interactive way. The 15-question quiz provides instant, confidential results to help test takers determine their marketability across the food processing industry. “With plants closing every day in this challenging economy, workers need to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and this online quiz will help them do that,” says Professor Stephen Pharr, market research analyst at the UNL Food Processing Center.  So, whether you work at a winery, cheese factoryor meat processing plant, log on here to test your food processing know-how. Or, to develop the transferrable skills tested in the quiz, consider the UNL Online Food Processing Management Certification. The program consists of self-paced online lessons including pre-recorded lectures, PowerPoint presentations and quizzes. To earn the certification, participants must complete three sequential modules covering food safety, quality control/assurance, employee safety, food processing operations, product development, growth strategies and human resources.