A self-heating package from Aestech, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, warms semi-liquid and liquid foods for on-the-go consumption. A multi-component design simplifies away-from-home preparation of 200 milliliters of baby formula by integrating pre-measured ingredients, a heating mechanism and a nipple in a self-contained package. 


The polyethylene terephthalate or polystyrene container stands 113mm tall and measures 76mm wide by 67mm deep. A chamber keeps the dry ingredientsself-heating baby formula separate from the spring water until feeding time, ensuring maximum potency of the supplements in the milk powder. The dry ingredient chamber features a foil seal and includes a polypropylene activation button, which is protected by a cover seal prior to use. The cover seal also includes printed instructions.

The remainder of the container holds the spring water and a dual-compartment (water/calcium oxide) heating element, which is patented in the US and patent pending in Europe. Ultrasonically welded to the activation button at the top of the package, the aluminum heating element rests on supports to elevate it from the base of the package. This position maximizes thermal transfer to the product and protects the container base from excessive heat.

Pressing the activation button perforates the seal on the ingredient chamber and releases the powder into the spring water. Pressure from the activation button also pushes water from one compartment of the heating element to the other. When the water contacts the calcium oxide, a chemical reaction produces calcium hydroxide and heat. After approximately two minutes and a bit of shaking to mix ingredients, the formula reaches the appropriate drinking temperature, 100°F, and the nipple can be put in place.  


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