The Food Safety Authority of Ireland called a 31 percent increase in food safety Enforcement Orders in 2013 "disappointing" and warned that all food businesses must put robust food safety management systems in place. There were a total of 143 orders in 2013 compared to 109 in 2012. 

"Ever Enforcement Order is one too many and it is extremely disappointing that, yet again, we have seen a significant year-on-year increase in the number of Enforcement Orders needing to be served, making the 2013 figures the highest number of enforcements to date," says Alan Reilly, chief executive of FSAI. "Last year's 31 percent increase is extremely disappointing and serves as an unfortunate reminder that some food businesses continue to put their customer's health at risk by not complying with their legal obligations of food safety and hygiene. There is absolutely no excuse for negligent food practices."