Washdowns are a necessary part of a stringent hygiene program for meat and poultry processing and packaging operations, but chemicals from washdown spray can harm sensitive coding equipment. And protecting thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) machines, installed on meat and poultry production lines for printing variable date and lot codes, can be expensive and time-consuming.

TTO coders are usually integrated into tight, hard-to-reach spaces in packaging equipment, which poses challenges for traditional protection methods during the sanitation shift. Some processors uninstall and reinstall coders for washdowns, which is not only time-consuming but could result in inadvertent printer damage and increased wear. Other processors simply cover the coders with a plastic bag during washdown. It does not take as much time, but it exposes the TTO machines to damage from moisture and dust.

IP-rated TTO coders can increase uptime and boost savings. They  offer a positive payback in under six months; reduce the risk of damage from moisture or accidents; prevent parts replacement and service calls; and maintain a small footprint.

According to VideoJet Technologies, a processing facility working five days a week for 52 weeks with 10 printers and one washdown per day requiring 1.5 labor hours at $40 per hour would save an estimated $156,000 by investing in TTO coders.

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