At the 3rd Canadian Food Summit, the Conference Board of Canada (CBC) unveiled an ambitious plan designed to move the nation from the top 20 of net food exporting countries to the top five within the next few years. The CBC says the document, called the Canadian Food Strategy (CFS), will offer a comprehensive, action-oriented framework to guide and stimulate change in Canada’s food system.

The strategy recommends Canada take actions to become a global food superpower including:

·         Expanding presence in existing and emerging markets, including new markets

·         Linking aid and trade to address the challenge of global food security

·         Negotiating multilateral and bilateral free trade agreements to improve exporters’ access to international markets

·         Developing high-quality national, provincial and regional food brands and product specializations for wide sale internationally

·         Building a Canada brand to reinforce food brands and products, using positive images of Canada’s natural environment and culture and its reputation for product quality and safety.

The CFS is developed around five elements: industry prosperity, healthy food, food safety, household food security and environmental sustainability. Overall, the document sets out eight goals and more than 60 desired outcomes, along with 110 action strategies to help achieve them.

To view the CFS or for more information, click here.