HART Communication Foundation has introduced the newest HART Communication Protocol capability, called HART-IP.  The new technology allows any IP-based connection to run HART Protocol, delivering data at the speed of Ethernet to support intelligent device management for smart process instrumentation.

By eliminating manual data mapping, HART-IP simplifies system integration. It also allows tight integration of field instruments to enterprise asset management systems and enables large-scale, plant-wide wireless sensor applications.

“An IMS Research study from February 2013 reports use of Industrial Ethernet will almost double from 2011 to 2016. HART-IP addresses this growing industry demand for accessing data over the Ethernet,” says Ted Masters, foundation president and CEO. “HART-IP delivers yet another HART communication option to provide fast access to intelligent device and process information 24/7.”

The new capability allows the integration of intelligent device measurement and diagnostic information using existing network infrastructure with productivity, planning, historian or other applications from off  site or on.

The HART Communication Foundation is a not-for-profit membership organization that provides global support for the application of HART technology. The foundation includes over 300 company members worldwide.