Coca-Cola replenishes 108.5 billion liters of waterStaying true to its replenishment goals and sustainability, the Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partners announced they replenished 68 percent of Coca-Cola’s 2013 sales volume by delivering 108.5 billion liters of water back into communities.

The company works through 509 community water projects in more than 100 countries. According to the company, each project works toward set objectives such as providing or improving access to safe water and sanitation, protecting watersheds, supporting water conservation and raising awareness on critical local water issues.

The company says it is on track to reach its 2020 goal of returning to communities and nature the amount of water equal to that it uses in its finished beverages and production.

Beatriz Perez, chief sustainability officer for the company, said stewardship is a focus and that “by setting and working to meet our ambitious goals, we are effectively and responsibly managing the valuable resource on which our business relies.”