A field of solar panels on the remote Pacific island of Grand Terre, New Caledonia’s largest island, is being constructed in the shape of a heart for local beverage company Froico SA.

Constructed by Conergy Australia, the field will save an estimated 2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions over its projected 25-year lifespan. “The ‘Heart of New Caledonia’ is a giant heart-shaped message to the government that it’s time to start loving solar,” says David McCallum, managing director of Conergy Australia.

Conergy Australia recently announced it has branched out into the Pacific Islands. The company, a subsidiary of one the world’s largest solar companies, will now build this first-of-its-kind heart-shaped solar power plant 1,200 kilometers east of its national headquarters in Brisbane, Australia.

According to Conergy, the unique design was inspired by the “Coeur de Voh” or “Heart of Voh,” an area of nearby wild mangrove vegetation that has naturally taken a heart shape.

The new 2MWp power plant, comprised of 7,888 German-made Conergy PowerPlus panels, will generate enough electricity to supply 750 homes. Construction will begin within the next few months. The project is expected to be complete by early 2015.