The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) has launched a new online search tool to improve the way plant managers, directors of operations and others in the industry find system integration companies as they seek to fill their automation needs.

Known as the Industrial Automation Exchange or “Exchange,” the tool consists of CSIA’s comprehensive directory of system integrators and suppliers.

“The CSIA Exchange is all about outreach,” says Bob Lowe, CSIA executive director. “It allows project managers, directors of quality assurance and other decision-makers to learn about system integration and get connected with the right people and products to implement the best automation solutions.”

Founded in 1994, CSIA is a non-profit global trade association that seeks to advance the industry of control system integration. The association is comprised of independent integrator and partner professionals that provide the best services, solutions and products available to clients.

According to CSIA, the new site also looks to be a place where those in the industrial automation industry can literally “exchange” information and resources.

Users of the web tool will be able to explore profiles created by system integrators and product suppliers that detail their areas of specialty, certifications and the industries they serve. The online profiles then link directly to sales representatives and company websites.

Lowe says the exchange was created as a way of making these integrators and suppliers more accessible to clients.

“The Industrial Automation Exchange is a major milestone in the 20-year history of CSIA,” says P. C. Romano, CSIA board chairman. “It is proof positive of what CSIA has always sought to do: combine the resources of many for the advancement of all.”

CSIA membership is not required to access the exchange. More information on the web tool can be found by visiting