On March 25, the International Probiotics Association of Europe held its first formal meeting in Brussels which included representatives from Danone, DuPont, Yakult, Chr-Hansen, Probi, Lallemand and the IPA.

Reinforcing the probiotic sector in Europe, the IPA EU will bring nearly 60 companies in the probiotic field together under one recognized banner. The association will world to improve the business environment in Europe and ensure the FAO/WHO guidelines are followed by the probiotic industry. Internationally, the association works with governing bodies and industry to establish scientific standards for probiotic products.

 “The IPA Europe will concentrate efforts on establishing itself as the global voice of probiotics in the regions, keeping in mind its vision of bridging the gap between regulators, industry, science and the final consumer,” said George Paraskevakos, recently appointed executive director of IPA and a founding member of IPA Europe.